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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is Halloween: 30/10 Trick or Treat

Hey hey!

So I have to admit that today I'm slacking off for the challenge again... >:) Hehe!
I chose to go with another polish because of the name! This is the second Halloween themed indie polish I bought this month! :D

This is Femme Fatale Cosmetics' Tricky Treat! So it's obvious why I chose this polish. ;)
Tricky Treat is a clear base, with a slight orange shimmer, small and medium orange glitters, red square glitter, purple square glitter, orange bar glitter, and some orange hearts too! I only managed to get one heart on a nail though.
I layered one quite thick coat of Tricky Treat over 2 coats of Essence Black is Back, a plain black creme. :)

Sorry about the awkward hand pose! I hate holding mini bottles! 

This glitter wasn't hard to apply whatsoever! It wasn't hard to get the glitter spread evenly over the nail or anything!

I also matte-ified this mani with my Rimmel matte top coat the next day...
Apparently I need to work on getting the top coat closer to the cuticle. ;)

I've got to stop wearing so much glitter! My cuticles are dying from using the foil method to remove my polish! I think I've worn ONLY glitter polish for the past 2 weeks! :O

Tomorrow's the last day of the Halloween challenge! :( How sad! Come back tomorrow to see my last mani for Halloween!




Kelly said...

Have you tried the Elmer's glue method? It's a lifesaver for your cuticles and also saves a ton of time if you're swatching glitters. I can't stand using the foil method, etc after trying glue!

Elissa said...

I have but unfortunately it didn't work for me :( I've tried the Essence one, and just glue but it didn't work well. :(
Thanks anyway :) x

Mishka said...

Such a beautiful glitter...excellent choice. :)

Nicole LaRussa said...

Loving this glitter!!!

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