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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Models Own - Indian Ocean

Hey guys!
When Models Own had a 50% off sale I was able to grab a few of their polishes thanks to the lovely Sharon! This is one of them. :)
Bottle shot

Models Own - Indian Ocean is a very sheer baby blue with a gorgeous pink duochrome! This was the first Models Own polish I ever wanted! It was actually the only one I wanted until I looked up swatches when the sale was on to see if they had anything else nice, hehe.
I'm not a huge fan of duochromes (though they are growing on me lately!), but I'm a huge fan of pastels so it makes sense why I wanted this so bad. ;)
I layered one coat of Indian Ocean over two coats of Face Of Australia - Once In A Blue Moon. I'm not sure if I got a dodgy bottle or what, but my Once In A Blue Moon had a pretty bad formula, to be honest... It was incredibly thick but streaky at the same time. I did this mani at night, and in the morning when I woke up, I had loads of bubbles in my mani. Which doesn't happen to me often and I'm certain it was because of the FOA polish. But, nothing some thinner won't (hopefully) fix!

Sorry for the awkward angle and lobster hands, hehe x)

I had a hard time photographing Indian Ocean, but I hear that duochromes are pretty hard to photograph anyway, so I'll direct you to some other blogs which have better swatches than mine so you can see the beauty of this polish! ;)
Check these swatches out! - LabMuffin - ThePolishAholic - Scrangie

I'd love to try this over black sometime, I've seen some really pretty swatches over black!

I'll hopefully be showing you my other new Models Own polishes soon! :)

Do you own any Models Own polishes? If so, which are your faves? Or if you don't, what about duochromes? Do you have a fave duochrome? :)


Natalie said...

Beautiful! I love how it looks great with the base color you chose! <3

shaz.roseto said...

I'm still yet to try my Indian Ocean LOL... too many polish too little time :-P

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