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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gloss n Sparkle - Mirage

Hey ladies. :)

Today I have another mani to show you that I wore a week ago! This is another Gloss n Sparkle polish that I ordered a couple weeks ago! And I'm in love.

Mirage is a baby blue base with a really gorgeous iridescent shimmer (it looks pink most of the time though), silver small glitters and large silver iridescent glitters!

I'm wearing 3 coats with one coat of Essence Gel Look top coat and one coat of Seche Vite. I could've done with 2 coats but I did a third to get more glitter on my nail! :) And it didn't really need the two top coats, it dried smooth.

I only had one problem with this polish, sadly. :( The large glitters had sunk to the bottom of my bottle. :( I'm not sure if it's just me that this happened to because in every other swatch I've seen, there's lots of large glitters on the nail so that sucks.
I absolutely love Gloss n Sparkle polishes and Angela is awesome and sweet so I actually feel bad having to say something negative about this polish. But I'm really not sure if it's only my bottle or only one batch that this happened to.
I tried putting the polish upside down for a while, stirring it and shaking it but the glitters still didn't want to come back up to the top which was sad. :( I was able to get a few of the large glitters onto my nail after stirring the polish but I think I only got two on my left hand and three on my right.
BUT! I will not give up and I will definitely try it again! Plus, it's gorgeous even without the large glitters on the nail. :) I am a total sucker for baby blues as well. ;)

UPDATE! Angela has contacted me and told me that it was a bad batch, and that anyone who bought a bottle of Mirage between the 12th-25th of October, that has the same problem as mine did (sinking glitter), to contact her and she'll either send you a replacement, give you a refund for Mirage, or give you store credit for another polish. She really wants to fix the problem so if your bottle has the sinking glitter, make sure to let Ange know! (She may have already messaged you, so check your Etsy account)

You can purchase Gloss n Sparkle polishes on Etsy for $9(AUD). Currently there's only Australian shipping available but Angela is working on sorting out international shipping!



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