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Monday, October 15, 2012

This is Halloween: 15/10 Zombies

Hey girlies!
Sorry I have to keep this post short and sweet! Kinda busy and don't have a lot to say anyway. :P

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am not a fan of anything creepy, scary, gross, gore-y or anything of the sort. I can't stand it!
So of course, my zombie nails today are NOT scary or gross. Though I can appreciate some of the zombie nails I've been seeing. They're quite gross but very well done!

I have to apologise for the photo(s) I'm showing for today's post. I took them on my iPhone (and edited it there too... :/) because I was getting so frustrated with the mani that I just snapped a pic and removed my polish right away. I'm also only showing you three nails because I screwed up my pinky nail. :(

And to add to it, I can't even remember what polishes I used for this! :( Ugh I'm so sorry!

I thought I'd do a Plants vs Zombies mani because the game looks so cute. To be honest, I've never actually played it but maybe I will now!
My boyfriend said that the zombie head doesn't look like the one in the game. Psh whatever. :P
I followed a tutorial by IHaveACupcake on YouTube.

Please excuse the crappy photo. :(
Have a great week! :)



Shannon said...

Despite all your frustrations and the iPhone pic, I think this is really adorable! I love how the zombie looks kind of confused, like he's wondering what he's doing in that pretty, flowery garden. (He probably is wondering that. And where is body is, haha!)

Kristine PinkandPolishedNails said...

These are so cute!!! I had a hard time with the zombie prompt as well I don't like them either :( I ended up turning mine into zombie kitties!! LOL But even though you were frustrated I think they came out really good!

ritterbraten said...

Aw, this zombie is soo cute! I live how they made them in Zombies vs Plants, but you painted it even cuter! :)

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